Jostens Review - Customizable Yearbooks, Graduation Products And Rings

January 3rd, 2021

For every individual, the graduation day ceremony, popularly known as the convocation ceremony, is the most important day, where everyone recalls their struggle and knowledge or crosses their most important milestones for life.

To make the day more special and memorable, the students plan various themes, photography, and many more iconic ideas. But planning the same graduation moment for the entire batch is quite tricky.


So to bridge the gap, Jostens has preserved and maintained its legacy of more than a century of making graduation momentum, graduation caps, championship ring, class rings, yearbook, Jostens cap and gown, and many more happy milestone momentums. Let's learn about Jostens in detail.

All About Jostens

Since 1897, Jostens was established as a piece of jewelry commemorating milestones. From then on, the firm has started the inception of a cultural icon, which helps high school students to preserve all the important day's memory and moment in a decorative way.

For more than a century, Jostens has preserved its family legacy and also become one of the most trusted partners in celebrating the most important moments, which matters. Jostens describes its mission in 3 simple words: Celebrate. Capture. Inspire. The store recognizes an individual's most valuable moment of life and inspires the celebration and creation of each moment.

Jostens' tradition has been firmly rooted along with its sprouting innovation. The store has become the most trusted and proud partner in celebrating various events by creating a momentum of love starting from a preschooler's graduation cap to a high school student's yearbook and Jostens rings. Along with this, Jostens also offers a pro athlete's championship ring bringing you the stories behind your milestones and loving memories.

What you can find at Jostens:

To celebrate the biggest and brightest moments, Jostens brings a stunning collection:

1. Yearbooks

Jostens has a collection of yearbooks that create your personalized yearbook fun, affordable, and creative. Jostens' online school annual yearbook creation tool has been used by thousands of elementary school kids.

Jostens offers an easy accessibility option for the creation of yearbooks, which you can access from anywhere at any time from any computer system. The Jostens yearbook offers a variety of options for the online creation of yearbooks, such as- templates, photographs, and cover designs.

2. Class Jewelry

Jostens understands your milestones and college journey. It easily offers customized jewelry for every individual, which effectively captures an individual's extraordinary endeavour right from the freshman year to graduation day. The college jewelry comes in a variety of forms such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and Collegiate Tags.

3. Insights on other products & services

Besides Jostens' cool jewelry and fancy yearbook, the store has a wide collection of offering classic looking alumni caps and gowns, photo cards, diploma frames, gratitude bands, school branding products, etc. The store also offers athletes and sports rings, jackets, patches, tops, bottoms, awards, trophies, etc.

Jostens J-Pay Payment Plan:

Jostens helps you with easy and affordable payment options by spreading your purchase over three to four instalment payments on eligible purchases. In-school or online, Jostens accepts credit cards of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Further, you can save more on your order using Jostens Coupons.

Repairs, Returns & Warranties:

Jostens knows that momentum jewelry is very important for everyone and very precious memory. So Jostens took responsibility for its jewelry repair and asked for sending the broken jewelry to its Jostens address or its Sales Representative. Jostens asked to start the jewelry warranty process from its warranty claims- US Warranty Claim Canadian Warranty Claim.

Depending on the jewelry condition, it applies warranty charges, returns, and repairs.


Jostens is a one-stop solution for enhancing your graduation ceremony celebration or any milestone achievement celebration. The store offers numerous collections of cool and fancy stuff along with a wide variety of customization options in each of its categories. All its momentums and accessories are very affordable besides if used Jostens promo code, the store offers an additional discount on each purchase. If you are to graduate and want to look uniquely classy, check on to Jostens once!

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