5 Ways To Make Employee Training More Engaging

June 1st, 2022


In the era of Covid-19 becoming a major concern, virtual learning and working became the new normal. It became one of the most popular solutions to the challenge of how to keep training employees engaged and participative.

According to a Gallup report, employee engagement is two sides of a coin, an employer must apply knowledge effectively as well as have the motivation to apply that knowledge. Moreover, it is essential that your employee can feel that the training content is interesting and relevant. When an employer is clear and direct, the employees also communicate transparently. Technology being the biggest distraction, it becomes very difficult to stay focused and understand the work. Here are the five most effective ways to make employee training more engaging. 

1. Give enthralling introduction

When you start with employee training, keep it interesting right from the launch. Talk about personal life experiences and grab attention. A good introduction provides good vibes to the employee and they’re more likely to be attentive throughout the session. Keep the training informal and light, unless there is a need to be formal. It becomes easier to bond with someone and ensure engagement in an activity. Talk to them, add a pinch of humor, and ask questions. When the presenter is approachable and relatable then the learning process becomes more enjoyable and engaging. However, there might be some topics which could be boring and nothing could be done to make it interesting. But, the real challenge is how you present the matter and make employees focused. 

2. Integrate attractive games and activities

Mixing gamification into training changes the learning perspectives in training by providing employees with opportunities for healthy competition, improved user experience, and get better output with a feeling of enjoyment while learning. Interactive games and activities boost brain function and help employees stay mentally active and focused.

Activities may include puzzles, small interactive games, and riddles to keep the session interesting and interactive. Keeping track of individual scores, rewards, and badges on a leaderboard motivate employees to be more involved in activities and stay engaged. 

3. Use flexible learning solutions

A training session requires employees to compromise on personal life or work will not be adopted sincerely by employees. Companies should make sure that they provide flexible learning solutions so that employees can access them easily and conveniently. Using employee training software to provide online learning solutions is the best and optimum way to make certain that employees have full access to their learning. They can learn at their convenience in a personalized way. Such software allows employers to save expenses as well. 

4. Explain with videos

As we all know visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than simple text, including short videos while training to explain concepts helps retain information faster as well as consumes less time. Videos have a wide range of formats to choose from such as screen-casting, role-playing, animation, and voiceovers. The integral effect of moving visuals and audio keeps the employees engaged with the content. 

5. Take Polls and Surveys

Polling, Q&As sessions, and breakout rooms could be used to engage learners actively. It promotes employees to get together with others in small groups as well as provides a space where employees can ask questions and get instant responses in the training session. 

Whereas surveys help companies gain cognizance of what worked and what didn’t during employee training. A Cultural or engagement surveys assess employees’ engagement and motivation levels so that business can improve employee development and training sessions. 

Employee engagement is very important for the success of an employee training program. A business can only succeed when its employees feel engaged and appreciated. So when you plan to implement a training program, use the above-mentioned tips to make it more interactive and appealing.

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