Photography Talents: Interview With Gabor Erdelyi

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If you have ever wondered how these people became who they are today you will like this interview with Gabor Erdelyi, international freelance photographer.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and when did you get into photography?

My name is Gabor Erdelyi. I am a freelance photographer from Hungary. I bought my first compact 3-megapixel camera in 2004 when my son was born. I signed up for photo contests, I won more and more awards and I gained better and better cameras. At the age of 33 I turned my back on my office/legal work and I started to take pictures autodidact. Since then, my work is my hobby.

How has environment you live in influence the way you photograph? What inspires you the most?

For me the city, the street and the people are the main subject. I see pictures and little stories everywhere. I could not describe these moments in words. I hope I can do it with my photos.

The graphic lines, the portrait photography and the relationship between people and built environment are the most important elements in my visual world. I really like to explore big cities. I love to walk days, weeks on the main streets, in hidden alleys, in cafés of a metropolis.

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Do you have any favorite photography scenes or subjects?

Next to the street-photography my other favorite photography subject is the portrait. It could be taken about famous people for a magazin or about a beggar during my travels. I like to find the moment, the look which expresses for me the most the personality of my portrait subject.

Besides these, I really like to work in movies as still-photographer. Exciting, inspiring environment with fantastic people.

What apps do you normally use for taking photos?

Most often, a digital fullframe camera with an 50mm 1.4 lens. If I prepare myself for a serious work I’ carry all my lenses with me.

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Where’s your favourite place to shoot and why?

My favourite place to shoot is New York. In a city like this I can find everything what is important for me visually. Till this time I had only a few opportunities to spend a little time in the Big Apple. Immediately after the arrival I packed my photo equipment and walked long hours, days without any plans. I do not look for tourist sights and attractions, I do not prepare any travel plan or itinerary. I try to concentrate on the details.

Tell us a little bit about your photo editing workflow. Which editing apps do you use the most?

I use two apps. Usually first I categorize the images with Lightroom, then if I think that post-production is needed, I use Photoshop as well. My basic concept is that I try to do the least possible operation with the pictures. In addition to the main light and contrast settings, I focus on the colors. I love the bright, high-contrast images in black and white and in color as well.

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What advice do you have for new photographers who are just starting to explore the creative possibilities of photography?

I think you should first autodidact discover the joy of photography. With a simple, manually adjustable camera you can learn practically everything you need as a person open and susceptible to photography. You can discover the lights, the relationship between shutter speed and aperture, you can establish your own post-production method. Everybody wants to make perfect and professional photos immediately after a short course. If you have the desire to express yourself in pictures, you will find the way of self-expression.

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Where do you like to upload your photographs to – Flickr, Instagram, Facebook etc.?

I have used Facebook primarily till this time, but I have not dealt with the community building, only I’ve shared my favorite pictures regularly. In retrospect, I regret that I have not started to use Flickr and Instagram also. It would be useful to be part of a larger community.

Do you edit images on your mobile devices or do you prefer to use a desktop or laptop computer?

As I travel regularly and live in several places at once, I decided to use a powerful laptop which I can take with myself to anywhere. For important, major works  I use large monitors. I am interested in the phone photography. You can create very exciting images with mobile devices, and it is very convenient to have a palm-sized camera always at your disposal. But I always have the dissatisfaction that the same picture could be in professional quality, in high resolution. I think the classic photo exhibitions and large prints are important, and these are still required for high-definition cameras, professional lenses.

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