How to Upload Photos and Get Accepted to Refe

Here is a simple guide on how to upload mobile photos that get accepted on Refe.

Here at Refe we are trying to ensure that only the highest-quality photos are put on sale so you can sell more and buyers can find top-notch photo gallery to choose from.

Before uploading your best mobile photos please check our Pinterest boards where we have collected some photos that we are expecting you to upload. Notice the quality, composition and colors.

Below are simple instructions on how to upload your photos to Refe.

1. Login to your account

First of all you need to be a member of Refe, if you are not yet just click on start selling and fill in your application. After the registration, login and mouse over Profile link and select Seller Dashboard.


2. Go to seller dashboard

In Seller Dashboard you will find all information about your profile, you can update your personal details, check how many photos you have. All the information about payments and commissions is under Earnings tab.

But for now select New Photo tab and select a new photo you want to upload.

upload photo

3. Select photo and give it a title

Select photo from your gallery and wait until it is uploaded.  As you can see the maximum file is 8MB.

After you have your photo uploaded give it a descriptive title so people can find it easily. We prefer to use capitalized titles with an exception of conjunctions (to, for, in, and, but, yet, so etc.).

upload photo

4. Add description, category and tags

In photo description field you can shortly and clearly describe what is in your photo.  Photo category is one of the hardest thing to choose but simply trust your inner voice.

Photo tags are also very important, as they help to find your photos easier. Maximum number of tags is 10 per photo. After filling all of the required fields you can finally hit the Submit button and wait for the review.

Upload photo



If you have any questions or suggestions drop us a line: