Hello from Refe, a Digital Marketplace of the Best Mobile Photos

Refe is a marketplace of the best mobile photos and this is a story of how it all started.


One beautiful summer day one freelance designer was creating a landing page and used some photos from big stock marketplace. After couple of hours spent browsing fake looking photos designer finally sent the design concept to the client and got a simple response:

“I love the design, every single detail, but maybe you could replace the images with more natural ones?”

There you have it. A problem for the designer and a problem for the client.


How the hell we came up with an idea to use mobile photos as stock images?

Long story short: we have traveled around the Europe and took some really nice shots with our iPhones. These shots were good enough to be used in digital designs or online publications. With a help of VSCO Cam these pictures became something worth spending money on.

That is how we came up with our final solution.

Best mobile photographers supply their best real life moments captured on their smartphones for digital publishers and creatives around the world.

Mobile talents get an opportunity to turn their passion into passive income. Digital publishers as well as creatives save time searching for beautiful high-quality imagery for their projects.


September 2013

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Idea development, speculations and discussions on whether it is worth going all-in.

By the end of the September we already had our name, domain name registered and social networks created.

October 2013

Location: London, UK

We have put our landing page online to validate the idea and see how people respond to it.

November 2013

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania & London, UK

We got more than 200 signups showing interest of buying and selling mobile photos. That was the sign we have been waiting for.

February 2014

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania & London, UK

Our first working concept hit selected users to show us that we weren’t ready for the official launch.

March 2014

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Major bugs fixed and Refe was officially launched. We didn’t not launch publicly yet as we are still working on getting more sellers and photos uploaded.

January 2015

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Because of the lack of time we were getting stuck with the project recently, so it was decided to transfer the project to new owners (Marius&Romualdas) who has will, skills and time to grow and improve it.

Why is it different and worth your time?

You can make spare money and contribute to the worldwide projects with your best mobile photos. It gives possibility to everyone who has a smartphone become an artist and share their work without buying expensive equipment.

Digital publishers and creatives get curated collection of beautiful highest-quality photos from handpicked talents.


Marius Klapatauskas 

Project Manager at Refe. Seeker, photographer, snowboarder and active life style addict. Has bachelor’s degree in economy. Previously has worked in SEB bank as a salesman.

Romualdas Lubys 

Sales and Marketing at Refe. Entrepreneur and investor. Previously has worked in SEB bank as a salesman.

Jurate Petkeviciute (@PJurate)

Communications and social media at Refe.

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If you have any questions or suggestions we’d love to hear from you. Reach out on Twitter @getrefe or drop an email.