How to Upload Photos and Get Accepted to Refe

Here is a simple guide on how to upload mobile photos that get accepted on Refe.

Here at Refe we are trying to ensure that only the highest-quality photos are put on sale so you can sell more and buyers can find top-notch photo gallery to choose from.

The 10 Most Expensive Photos Ever Sold

It is well known that photographers see the world in different angle. Sometimes they amaze us with their art. But have you ever wondered how high one shot can be evaluated? We are introducing the most expensive photos ever sold top 10. 10. Tobolsk Kremlin (2009) this photo was made by Former Russian President Dimitry Medvedev

10 Best Mobile Photography Apps

  1. VSCO Cam VSCO cam falls somewhere between Camera+ and Instagram. It’s a powerful editing tool that’s full of filters to enhance your images, is easy to use, has a ton of advanced filters, and provides a place to share your photos if you want. The advanced features are easy to use, and you can easily